Safuan H Kamarudin
After 5 months of not being in medical school anymore (which I am thankful to no end and you won't find me complaining about it), added up with my working as a sales promoter, the rest of the time I spent preparing to enter the next stage of my life: housemanship. I will embark on this journey quite alone, with none of my friends nearby. I find my solace in my family support who are only an hour-drive away. That's comforting enough.

I have foreseen that I won't be able to blog as much as I wanted to after this. Even when I was studying, there are long periods of time where my blog remained idle and abandoned. But I am quite determined to write down as much as I could about my life when I started working, mainly so I could read it back in retrospective perception of view. It is always interesting to read back my writings in a different mind set and mood. Sometimes I caught myself wondering who was I at the time I wrote the entries.

To know who I am is to read and understand my writings. Often you will find more than just words here. In between the lines, hidden behind the inconsistencies of the discorded paragraphs, you will find I am what I write, expressive ever greater than the physical manifestations of those words - bolder and harsher when it's written down. Inarticulate and quiet in real life.

If you are still here and still reading this, thank you is all I can offer. I can promise you and myself that I won't ever stop writing, and with that promise alone I think it is enough for all who are reading my blog. For all of you, and I, included.