Safuan H Kamarudin
Graduated from Newcastle University (NUMed) and just recently completed my two-year stint of housemanship in Malaysia. A member of the first batch of contract doctors under KKM, also colloquially known as the unluckiest batch of the guinea pigs. Currently working as a floating MO in my favourite department, ED, and will continue to do so for six months until being transferred somewhere else.

If anything has taught me during my busy housemanship days, it is that I still will and always have enough time to blog. I have been blogging for 10 long years now with consistency. I may not garner a lot of readers or visitors to my blog, but my time spent blogging are all time well spent.

To know who I am is to read and understand my writings. Often you will find more than just words here. In between the lines, hidden behind the inconsistencies of the discorded paragraphs, you will find I am what I write, expressive ever greater than the physical manifestations of those words - bolder and harsher when it's written down. Inarticulate and quiet in real life.

If you are still here and still reading this, thank you is all I can offer. I can promise you and myself that I won't ever stop writing, and with that promise alone I think it is enough for all who are reading my blog. For all of you, and I, included.