Oct 1, 2016


Tonight I drank in all I could
In great thirst and in great gulps
For rarely have I sweetly tasted 
Of your smiles

Tonight I sat in the philharmonic hall
Where none of the instruments can replicate
And the maestro bowed down to the melodic tune
Of your laugh

So grant me my last wish, genie
Make my nights forevermore complete
For never have I been this sure 
That all I want is you.

Jul 13, 2016

The Zs That Would Be

There is poison in the air
And in the bed that one sleeps
As he tossed around, and moaned;
Dreams can be a dangerous place to be

He pants and he runs
Catching up and fleeing away
Yet still the dreams are of many
And of that many, all of the same thing

Perspiring paranoia and gasping desperation
Of failing probables and infinite misery
But every nightly terrors he dreams oh he dreams
For if he dreams enough, his world is his.

Mar 24, 2015

A tick and a tenth

A tick of a second, a tenth of a moment.

It was a pang. An angry blush to the face.
A sudden provocation or a declaration.

There's a waited breath, a silent prayer.
A hope, a dream, a chase of wild imagination.

It came like a storm and left faster than a vortex.

Cleanse my soul. Clear my mind.
Cut the tied knot and chop the thought block.

Cryptic as it may be,
Confounding as it should be,

Let the ticks of a second and the tenths of the moment decide.